How to Print UCC-128 Shipping Labels

​​​​ ucc128label As part of EDI   messages, most of the time, large retail customers like Amazon or Walmart will insist on sending the shipments with cartons affixed with the UCC-128 Shipping labels. These labels have a set of predefined information that are printed in both bar coded and human readable format. Essential information to be printed on a  UCC-128 labels are From and To Address SKU Number UPC Bar code if available Customer Purchase order number SSCC container code Number of cartons The information printed on this UCC barcode should [...]

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Iot and Supply Chain Integration

“Where Is My Order?” Shipment tracking is one of the most critical services in supply chain management. Millions of dollars worth of goods are lost in transit every year due to a lack of visibility during the shipment process. Therefore, the ability to give an exact and immediate answer to the question, “where is my order?” is critical to the efficiency and robustness of any supply chain. TPSynergy’s IoT tracking devices integrate seamlessly into its award-winning supply chain platform, giving [...]

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Kanban for Hospitals

The Kanban System Kanban is the Japanese term for Just in Time Replenishment. This is a visual tool to refill inventory when and only when needed. As the refill is done only when necessary, there is no excess or shortage. As a result, inventory is always kept lean. Kanban System and Health Care Industry The kanban system has been used successfully since 1940 in various manufacturing industries, and super markets. It is a common sight to see long racks where bakery items [...]

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Relaunching Your Supply Chain for the Digitial Age

Although most aspects of daily work have shifted online, one major activity has stayed grounded in the 1970s: data entry. Even today, where almost everybody has a host of electronics at their disposal. the vast majority of data entry for tasks like orders and purchases are still done via pen and paper. While this may seem simple, there’s a lot of reasons to switch to a digital data entry system 1. Saving Time While filling out a few forms may seem [...]