Sage ERP Integration

Sage ERP is is an established ERP for many decades. 

TPSynergy provides a field tested Integrated solution for Sage ERP

Various Integrations already pre built by TPSynergy are 

  1. Import External Orders (EDI) into Fusion Order Management
  2. Send Ship Request to external Warehouses
  3. Post Shipment Confirmation from 3PL into Fusion Shipping
  4. Send Invoices to EDI customers
  5. Publish Purchase orders to Suppliers
  6. Post Supplier order confirmation into Fusion Purchasin
  7. Supplier Shipments (ASN) into Fusion Cloud
  8. Supplier Invoices into Fusion Cloud
  9. Inventory adjustments from 3PL into Fusion cloud

TPSynergy uses Sage approved standard API for all the integrations. All these integrations are already being used by other customers and stabilized


How does it benefit your supply chain?

  • Implement Oracle EBS Integration in weeks and not months
  • Pre tested and fully production ready integrations
  • Proactive Monitoring and Error corrections

Are you interested? Do you have any questions or comments?

We'd love to hear from you!

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