Quality Collaboration

On Time Delivery (OTD) means quality products delivered in correct quantity on time. If either quality is not good or quantity is not correct, On Time Delivery (OTD) is not met.
Improving quality in the supply chain is a continuous process. Constant feedback on the quality of the parts and components supplied by the supplier is essential. TPSynergy provides a collaborative platform that provides quality feedback to the suppliers on the material delivered by them.
Quality results of each consignment of material delivered is tracked and updated in the web portal for suppliers to analyze the issues and take corrective actions. Supplier performance measurements includes defects per thousands or defects per million as one of the key metric.

TPSynergy Document Management System ensures suppliers provide necessary material testing results and other test results before they ship any material.

How does it benefit your supply chain?

  • Suppliers are notified in real time of any defects in material received
  • Suppliers can arrange to replace defective material immediately
  • Suppliers are informed of the rejection reason so that they can analyze root cause for quality issue
  • 3-Way matching of invoices becomes easier as the quantity received and accepted is matched to quantity invoiced. This makes payment of invoices faster.
It all matters for On Time Delivery.

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