Efficient Receiving

On Time Delivery does not stop at the point of delivery into the stores. It goes until the material is available for production. The faster the material is received, accounted, and stocked, the faster it is available to consume.

The barcodes on the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) enable faster receiving with just a scan. The underlying data has already been transmitted electronically. As a result, the receiving staff needs to only scan the bar code at the container or outermost package level. They need not break the package and count individual items.

TPSynergy prints bar codes on packing slips and cartons. While the entire shipment can be received by scanning the bar code on the packing slip, individual cartons are also scanned and received. Due to the electronic integration capabilities of TPSynergy, ERP already has the package level details of the incoming ASN. Therefore, all data validations like purchase order number and item number are already validated. This avoids delays at the time of receipt. 3-way matching in ERP becomes easy due to electronic advance ship notice and efficient receiving.

Packing slips printed from TPSynergy have all the information that are included in the shipments. Carton level labels printed from TPSynergy have unique identifiers for each of the cartons. This enables each container to be traced easily. Cross docking of goods becomes possible when the shipment details are already available in Advanced ship notice (ASN).

While packing slips give the high level details of the shipment, carton level labels make it easier to identify the box contents even after the goods are moved to the stores. The carton labels will stay with the cartons until they are fully consumed making it easier to see the supply details at any time.
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How does it benefit your supply chain?

  • Reduces Dock to Stock time as goods can be received with a few keystrokes
  • Appropriate corrective actions can be taken when there are shortages or defects detected during receiving
  • Provides In-Transit visibility. Once goods are received, the supplier is able to see the receipt details in TPSynergy
  • Modern WMS systems are able to allocate storage spaces even before the shipment arrives due to Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN)

It all matters for On Time Delivery.

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