Industry Solutions

While the supply chain is a common process for most industries, each industry has its own variations in the process. TPSynergy provides specialized solutions for each industry.
Industry specific solutions listed below have been perfected over a period of time by our customers in each industry.


TPSynergy covers important requirements for the Pharma industry such as product traceability, lot number tracking, transaction history, and transaction statements


TPSynergy addresses challenges in the Food industry like produce traceability, cold chain temperature logging, expiration date control, lot number history, and co- packer inventory visibility


TPSynergy solves challenges in the Electronics industry such as contract manufacturer collaboration, lot number traceability, inventory visibility, and demand fluctuations


TPSynergy solves challenges in the Cosmetics supply chain include contract manufacturing, inventory visibility, multi-tier supply chain, cold chain temperature maintenance, and demand fluctuations.


TPSynergy solves manufacturing challenges such as on time delivery, inventory reduction, lean manufacturing, and dependence on far east countries for critical components


TPSynergy’s collaborative supply chain helps retail by providing Electronic Data Integration (EDI), packing requirements, short delivery windows, and multiple destinations.

How it benefits your supply chain

  • Industry specific solutions adopt best practices within each vertical
  • Time tested solutions perfected over time for every industry
  • Improves supply chain performance for each industry with best-in-industry processes

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