TPSynergy offers a variety of solutions to supply chain problems companies face. Here are some of them and their success stories.

Vendor Portal Software

Challenge: Complex Supply Chain

Solution: TPSynergy implemented its Multi-Tier forecasting system, or the ability of multiple companies to see the supply chain.
Case Study: The customer is a very large cosmetics and beauty products manufacturer and distributor.They have a large and complex supply chain that includes raw material suppliers, contract manufacturers, fulfillment centers, logistics providers, and shipping carriers. They used Oracle E-Business suite as their ERP System and the sharing of current and updated information across the supply chain was a challenge. E-mail and phone calls were not scalable and were causing data issues.
From the beginning of the project until the launch date, TPSynergy’s professional services team was in full control of the project. They analyzed the current supply chain operations and came up with innovative solutions for complex problems. The project was completed in 3 months and went live on time. Trading partners found the system user friendly and easy to learn. Supply chain visibility was improved and potential bottlenecks were removed. The VP of Supply Chain says that with the Multi-Tier forecasting system and all of the other various features, a good return on investment was achieved quickly.
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After careful evaluation of many supply chain solutions in the market, TPSynergy was selected as the partner to implement a supply chain collaboration portal. Feature to feature, TPSynergy matched or exceeded all the alternatives and provided a lower cost and simpler system.

EDI Integrations

Challenge: Big box retailers are asking their suppliers to be EDI ready, which can be expensive and difficult to integrate by itself.

Solution: Tpsynergy automated the supplier’s Web EDI with end to end processing, receiving orders, order confirmations, back ordering, shipping, invoice creation and submission, and bar code label printing.

Case Studies: TPSynergy has helped a multitude of customers with EDI integration. Here are some of them

  • Gemini Sound – EDI Integrations to Amazon Vendor Central, Musician’s Friend, Fry’s Electronics, and BJ’S Audio.
  • Global Trading – EDI Integration to Fry’s Electronics
  • Prosource Fit – EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central
  • Plastic Cover – EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central and Grainger
  • Endure Id – EDI Integration to Cardinal Health
  • Madden Metal – EDI Integration to Home Depot Store and Home Depot Special
  • Prosource Fit – EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central
  • De Rigo – EDI Integration to Zappos
  • Milano Chairs – EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central, Wayfair, and Castle Gate.
  • Enpower USA – EDI Integration to Amazon Vendor Central
  • Rx Pet Food – EDI Integration to Royal Canin Pet Food Manufacturer
  • Indigo Home – EDI Integration to TjMax and Marshalls
  • Beauty Products – EDI integration to Amazon Vendor Central EDI and Kohl’s
  • Mari Basu – EDI integration to Amazon Vendor Central and Blue Mercury
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Electronic Kanban Manufacturing

Challenge: With a manual two-bin Kanban system, communication is a problem. Sometimes signals can be lost in delivery leading to shortages and gaps in the system
Solution: Using TPSynergy’s E-Kanban system, cards are barcoded and printed from the system. When a card is marked as empty, suppliers are notified immediately which leads to a faster resupply and greater customer satisfaction
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Quickbooks Integration

Challenge: Many suppliers are using QuickBooks Desktop as their accounting software. They are having trouble putting external orders into the system and automating the invoice process.
Solution: EDI orders are posted into QuickBooks as sales orders. When these orders are shipped in TPSynergy, invoices are created automatically and posted to QuickBooks.
Case Studies: TPSynergy has helped many customers with QuickBooks integration.
  • Gemini Sound: EDI orders from Amazon Vendor Central, Musician’s Friend, Fry’s Electronics, and BJ’s Audio were automatically posted into QuickBooks
  • Endure ID: EDI orders from Cardinal Health were automatically posted into QuickBooks
  • Madden Metals: EDI orders and SKU numbers were posted automatically into QuickBooks
  • Freight Era: Freight Era is a Freight Forwarding company using QuickBooks Online. We integrated their Supplier Freight invoices into QuickBooks as Bills. We also integrated the purchase orders created in QuickBooks for matching to the bills and Pre-authorize the bill amount before posing into QuickBooks
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Other Integrations

Challenge: Customers are using various systems for inventory management and accounting. Most of these do not have custom built integrations.
Solution: TPSynergy builds integrations to any systems when needed. For a small setup fee, we can integrate to any other system.

Case Studies: These are some of the custom integrations TPSynergy has done.

  • Amazon Vendor Central: Download orders from Vendor Central and send the tracking number back to Amazon
  • Vend HQ: Download orders from Vendor Central and post the orders to VendHQ. Then, automatically send updates to Vendor Central
  • Oracle E-Business Suite: EDI orders from Seller Central are sent to Oracle ERP as sales orders, then advance shipment notifications are sent to Amazon.
  • SAP: Orders and schedules that are created in SAP are sent to TPSynergy’s Vendor Portal, and shipments are sent back to SAP as inbound deliveries.
  • SKUVault: TPSynergy automatically checks the inventory in SKUVault and send order confirmation to Amazon. Also, shipments are sent to SKUVault to automatically reduce inventory.
  • Ordoro: When an order from a site comes into Ordoro, TPSynergy automatically sends the order to the supplier. Once the supplier ships, the order status is changed in Ordoro
  • Shopify: Orders from Shopify are sent to dropship suppliers., once the order is shipped, it updates in Shopify
  • BigCommerce: Orders from BigCommerce sites are sent to dropship suppliers
  • Mimeo: Amazon EDI orders are sent to Mimeo for printing. Once printed and shipped, an advance shipment notice is sent to Amazon
  • A2B Fulfillment: Shopify orders are sent to A2B for fulfillment. Once finished, a shipment confirmation with a tracking number is sent back to Shopify
  • Stitchlabs: Amazon orders are sent to Stitchlabs. Once shipped, the inventory status updates automatically
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Challenge: Having to process large amounts of invoices manually is an arduous process and takes a considerable amount of time.
Solution: TPSynergy allows for invoice creation through Excel file upload or EDI integration, and all of the payment details and statuses update on the portal automatically. This saves many hours and reduces the risk of human error.
Case Studies: A very large manufacturing company has thousands of suppliers and having to deal with invoices was a major task. It wasted valuable time and led to suppliers asking about their payments. Once they adopted TPSynergy, however, all of their invoices were automated and accessible. This saved them countless hours and led to more supplier satisfaction.

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