Mobile Applications

Mobile applications make it easy for trading partners within the supply chain to be connected and updated. It is paramount that your trading partners are able to access your supply chain from anywhere at anytime rather than wait to be in front of a computer.
TPSynergy provides various mobile applications to make it easy for trading partners to access and update their transactions.
  • Using the mobile apps, suppliers can view the new orders and respond to them. There, they can accept or suggest changes to orders.
  • Inventory levels across multiple locations can be easily assesed. You can search for an specific item or by location. In addition, the apps have alerts and push notification to inform you when the inventory level goes below minimum quantity.
  • Summaries of invoices and shipments can be seen in the mobile app
  • A comprehensive dashboard provides a quick overview of the supply chain
  • Kanban cards can be transacted using the mobile app
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TPSynergy's mobile apps are
available for both IOS and Android

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How does it benefit your supply chain?

  • With mobile apps, suppliers have no reason not to provide order confirmations
  • Suppliers are alerted through the mobile apps when shipments are over due or if order confirmation not yet completed
  • Mobile apps makes it easy to scan Kanban cards and send replenishment signals to suppliers
  • Shipments due this week and next week can be quickly viewed on the mobile app to plan for the shipments
  • Invoics and payment statuses are updated on the mobile app
It all matters for On Time Delivery.

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