Advance Ship Notice (ASN)

Order Acknowledgement and Advance Two Ship Notices are the two most important messages in a supply chain that can improve the on-time delivery.

Advance Ship Notice (ASN) lists the details of shipment due to arrive from the supplier. Mostly, ASN has all the information that was included in the original purchase order. It also includes carton identifications, content descriptions and carrier transportation details. The ASN always works with the barcoded shipping labels that are affixed to the carton/pallet/boxes being shipped. TPSynergy uses GS1 standards for generating UCC128 bar coded labels. These are international standards followed by all logistics organizations.
With an electronic version of the ASN already being processed into the receiving WMS/ERP system, the product can be received by scanning within a few minutes. TPSynergy provides an easy interface for suppliers to provide the ASN electronically. From advanced suppliers who do Electronic Data Integration (EDI) to spreadsheet-uploaded shipments, everything can be done in TPSynergy to create an ASN. With TPSynergy, there is no reason for suppliers not to provide an Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN)
Packing slips printed from TPSynergy have all the information that are included in the shipments. Carton level labels that are printed from TPSynergy have unique identifiers for each one. This enables each container to be tracked easily. While packing slips give the high level details of the shipment, carton level labels make it easier to identify the box contents even after the goods have been moved to the stores. Normally, the carton labels will stay with the cartons until they are fully consumed, making it easier to see the supply details at any time.
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How it Benefits your Supply Chain.

  • Reduces Dock to Stock time as goods can be received into stock with few keystrokes.
  • Freight Consolidation. Enables combine shipments from same location saving Freight cost.
  • Timely corrective actions taken when shipments are delayed or short shipped.
  • Buyers can locate alternate supply in case of shortages or delayed shipments.
  • In-Transit visibility. Shipments can be tracked with the tracking number associated to the shipment.
  • Improves Accuracy in receiving. Upon receiving, receiver is immediately informed of any differences between what was expected, and what was actually shipped.
  • Supplier creates bar coded labels and packing slips with few clicks in TPSynergy.
  • Goods receipt made faster by scanning the bar codes.
  • Modern WMS systems able to allocate storage spaces even before the shipment arrives due to Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN)

It all matters for On Time Delivery.

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