Document Management

Documents are part of the supply chain operations. Though we prefer the world to be electronic only, fact is there are still lot of paper documents being exchanged in the supply chain.
  1. Signed copy of the purchase order
  2. Part drawings and manufacturing drawings
  3. Process flow diagrams
  4. Copy of declarations
  5. Customs clearance documents
  6. Proof of Delivery Signatures
  7. Copy of signed commercial documents
Most of them need to travel through the supply chain changing many hands. As each transactions in supply chain may have associated documents, it becomes difficult to maintain the relationships between the transactions and the documents. For example while one purchase order to the supplier was for drawing A, another purchase order to the same supplier was for drawing B. How to ensure that the supplier does not mix the drawings and delivery the orders correctly.
How to ensure that the suppliers have prepared all the documents correctly before shipping the shipments. Have they attached the correct test results for the items in the shipment.
All these are common day to day problems in supply chain. TPSynergy addresses these issue by providing a robust document management system for the supply chain. As the underlying transactions are already passing through TPSynergy, it becomes easy for the trading partners to attach the documents to the correct transactions.

Custom documentation rules can be developed in TPSynergy so that all necessary document compliance are met before the transactions are processed. For example, a supplier has to upload customs declaration document and laboratory test results before they can create an Advance Ship Notice (ASN). Buyers will be able to validate the documents before they give clearance for the shipment.

BlockChain adds to the Documents Security
TPSynergy uses blockchain technology to secure the transactions and makes it available for any audit requirements. This ensures that the documents can not be altered by anyone in the supply chain once approved.

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How does it benefit your supply chain?

  • Issues with documentation identified in advance
  • Ensures document compliance avoiding defective or stuck material.
  • Provides traceable documents repository
  • Version history maintains multiple versions of documents
  • BlockChain technology ensures audit compliance

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