Supply Chain for Medical Industry

Supply chains are the link between the laboratory or factory and the hospital for the medical industry. In addition, due to the time-constrained nature of the work being done in hospitals, having a streamlined supply chain is vital
Due to the many restrictions and regulations in the process to reach the hospital, meeting the industry regulations is crucial. TPSynergy’s supply chain solutions help by providing an efficient and transparent supply chain for all members.
Lot Number control:

In the healthcare industry, both the components and the finished parts need to have lot number control. When suppliers ship products, the lot number provided needs to remain consistent throughout the entire duration of the supply chain. This is so that in the event of a recall, the correct products can be removed
TPSynergy’s shipping platform has various configurable rules that will ensure the suppliers provide the needed information like lot number/batch number/expiration dates at the time of shipping. As all the transactions are recorded and distributed using blockchain technology, traceability and security is ensured.
Expiration control:

TPSynergy has configurable rules that will ensure suppliers provide batch number and expiration dates for the shipments ASN they are creating. TPSynergy triggers alerts and notifications when there are expired products being transacted in the supply chain.
Documentation Compliance:

Along with lot numbers, suppliers in the medical industry may be required to provide necessary documentations such as test results, batch records, log books, custom clearance, etc. TPSynergy provides a comprehensive supply chain document management system that ensures suppliers upload necessary documents before shipping the consignment. In addition, these documents are secured using blockchain technology.
Product Traceability:

FDA regulations require that the medical suppliers maintain full visibility into the movement of the material until it reaches the final destination. This means that every movement of the shipment needs to be tracked. TPSynergy uses Internet Of Things (IOT) enabled devices to get real time updates on the location of the shipments. This helps greatly in the event of an audit.
Temperature Control Compliance

Medical products are to be maintained at a certain temperature throughout the supply chain. As such, detailed temperature logging is needed when the shipments are transported. TPSynergy uses its Internet of Things (IOT) enabled devices to track the temperatures and humidity in real time. Alerts are created in advance before things go out of control so that corrective actions can be taken.
Two Bin Kanban System:

Along with documentary and regulation compliance, hospitals need to streamline their inventory. Having too much of a resource and too little of another can have disastrous results, especially in the health care industry. TPSynergy’s two bin Kanban system allows for an efficient inventory ordering process. Items like syringes, or disinfectant are bought and restocked only when they are needed. Read this blog for more info:

How it benefits your supply chain

  • Ready made supply chain solution that meets many industry regulations
  • Visibility and control ensures on time delivery
  • Lot traceability within the supply chain ensures product recalls are handled easily
  • Overall supply chain improvement due to collaborative execution

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