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Ensuring availability of raw material and components is the key challenge faced by Manufacturing industries today. With many downstream and upstream suppliers located in far away countries, pressure is high on the supply chain to be constantly improving the efficiency. While there is a tendency to stock up inventory for safety, fast changing demand scenario needs lean manufacturing.
​Collaboration among the various stakeholders along the value chain is very important. Excel spread sheets and email will not scale up. TPSynergy provides various solutions to ensure supply chain for manufacturing industry is met at optimum level.

Supply Chain Control Tower:
TPSynergy control tower gives a bird’s eye view of the supply chain. A high level overview of the supply chain that connects all the parties gives opportunities to identify potential bottlenecks in advance and take corrective actions in advance.

Lean Manufacturing using Kanban JIT:
Demand driven replenishment using Electronic Kanban (e-Kanban) module of TPSynergy reduces inventory by 20% in some cases. This provides opportunity to be agile and respond to a dynamic changes in the demand.

Multi Tier Demand Visibility through Forecast collaboration:
TPSynergy’s Forecast collaboration enables manufacturing companies to share their short term and long term situation to not only their immediate suppliers but supplier’s supplier and so on. This segregated data view ensures that each tier in the supply chain is aware of the demand to come and able to provide the necessary capacity to meet the demand.

Real Time Inventory In-Transit Visibility:
Current location of the inventory in-transit is a very important requirement in manufacturing supply chain. Expedition and rerouting of the supply is needed to meet urgent demand from one location while the material is in-transit to another location. TPSynergy uses Internet of Things (IOT) in supply chain to provide real time location updates of the consignment and enables the supply chain manager to reroute or expedite the inventory as needed. Also any unusual delay while in-transit is detected in advance and corrective actions taken to ensure the inventory reaches its destination on time.

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How it benefits your supply chain

  • Visibility and control ensures on time delivery
  • Digitized collaboration platform connects Raw material suppliers, contract manufacturers, transporters and 3PL providers.
  • Overall supply chain improvement due to collaborative execution

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