Food Processing Supply Chain

Food supply chain is a complex supply chain with various actors playing critical role in the chain.
  1. Producers – Farmers
  2. Processors – Processing Industries
  3. Transporters
  4. Retailers and Distributors
  5. Consumers

Transparency is the key challenge today in food value chain. Collaboration among the various stakeholders along the food value chain is very important. Global incidents of food recall, food safety and traceability have become major concern within the food sector. TPSynergy provides a collaborative platform that helps supply chain partners to have an end-to-end view of the chain.
With very short shelf life compare to other sectors, food processing provides many opportunities for a tighter supply chain control.

Expiration control:
TPSynergy has configurable rules that will ensure suppliers provide batch number and expiration dates for the shipments ASN they are creating. TPSynergy triggers alerts and notifications when there are expired products being transacted in the supply chain.

Documentation Compliance:
Suppliers in food processing industry might be required to provide necessary documentation along with their shipments. This could be Test results, Batch records, Log Books , customs clearance etc. TPSynergy provides a comprehensive supply chain document management system that ensures suppliers do upload necessary documents before the ship the consignment. Also these documents are routed into a Block Chain network for added security and logging.

Product Traceability:
FDA regulations requires that the Pharma supply chain maintains full visibility into the transaction history of the movement of material till it reaches the shelf for customers to pick up. This means the entire travel history of the raw material and finished products need to be tracked with history.
TPSynergy uses Internet Of Things (IOT) enabled devices to get real time updates on the location of the shipments. This helps greatly in the event of any audit.

Temperature Control Compliance
Pharmaceutical products are to be maintained at certain temperature through out its journey in the supply chain. Detailed temperature logging is needed when the shipments are transported. TPSynergy uses its Internet of Things (IOT) enabled devices to track the temperatures and humidity in real time. Alerts are created in advance before things go out of control so that corrective actions can be taken.

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How it benefits your supply chain

  • Ready made supply chain solution that meets many industry regulations
  • Visibility and control ensures on time delivery
  • Lot traceability within the supply chain ensures product recalls are handled easily
  • Overall supply chain improvement due to collaborative execution

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