Supply Chain Control Tower

The Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) gives a bird’s eye view of the supply chain with actionable insights. While buyers are bogged down with day to day transaction level management, supply chain leaders need to have a much higher view of their supply chain and take management decisions such as:
  • Where is my supply chain located currently?
  • How is the country wise procurement?
  • What orders are at risk currently and what can I do to mitigate them?
  • How are the suppliers doing in terms of On Time Delivery (OTD)? Who is doing the best and who is doing the worst?
  • How is the supply and demand matching? Are there excess or shortages anywhere? Which customer orders are at risk?
TPSynergy’s control tower is accessible to the entire supply chain and answers all of these questions and more. Suppliers, 3PL providers, and transporters are able to see their own version of the control tower data and take corrective actions as needed.
It’s not just in-transit shipment visibility, rather it’s the entire supply chain visibility that makes TPSynergy’s control tower different. As the data comes from different sources and not just ERP, TPSynergy best establishes the supply chain control tower.

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How does it benefit your Supply Chain?

  • Actionable insights into the current supply chain condition are plentiful and opportunities and threats are presented graphically for ease of action.
  • One common system provides information and feedback to the entire supply chain and not just for internal users
  • With ever changing data in the supply chain, the most up-to-date information is available in TPSynergy and is shared among the entire supply chain
  • It all matters for On Time Delivery.
  • Helps in better supply chain control.

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