Integration as a Service

Supply Chain Integration As A Service

Connecting systems within and outside an organization has been always a challenge. It needs extensive effort and cost to integrate the systems, and managing the system afterwards is a recurring nightmare. TPSynergy takes the pain out of this process by providing an end to end Integration as a Managed Service.

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Not Just a Tool - It's a Managed Service

There are many solutions in the market that can do Application Integration. Informatica, Web Methods, Oracle Fusion Middle Ware, and SAP Process Integration (PI) are some On Premise solutions. There are also cloud based solutions like Dell Boomi and MuleSoft in the market. These tools still require large efforts from the customer to design, develop, test and deploy the integration.
Our Integration as a Service (IAAS), on the other hand, is a complete end-to-end integrated system that is fully developed and maintained by us, making it faster and easier to integrate your system.

What TPSynergy Does

TPSynergy delivers the complete Integration solution by following the below steps
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Integration Design
  • Development of Integration
  • Testing with Internal and External system owners
  • End user training
  • Trading partners onboarding
  • System Maintenance and Enhancement
Contact us to know more about our Managed Services to convert your ordinary supply chain into an Integrated Supply Chain.

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