Supply Chain Monitoring

Monitoring the supply chain from a high level is essential to ensure everything is going well in the supply chain.
Early warning systems identify potential issues and bottle necks in advance and give ample time for the managers to take preventive and corrective actions.
Most of the shortage situations and expedited shipping can be avoided by using simple early warnings like
  1. Supplier confirmation of the orders
  2. Milestone monitoring of the contract manufacturing
  3. Ensuring shipments are made in time
  4. Quantity shortages during shipments
  5. Shipments stuck in transit
  6. Receiving issues and quality rejections during receipt
TPSynergy supply chain monitoring solution has many pre-built monitoring rules that will alert the correct persons when certain things do not happen in time. These rules can also be easily configured to each business requirements.
The end result is an email or text alert when an expected event do not happen in time or there is some data mismatch issues. Also these events are captured in the dashboard so that it is available for permanent view and not just in one time email that could have been ignored.
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How does it benefit your supply chain?

  • Removes panic in the supply chain
  • Early warnings provide ample time to correct a situation well in advance
  • Warnings are relevant and sent to people who can take corrective actions. For example, delayed shipment alerts are sent to suppliers
  • Alerts are kept preserved in an actionable state, unlike through one time e-mails
  • Supply chain events can be responded to
  • It all matters for On Time Delivery.

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