Electronic Kanban - eKanban

Manufacturing companies are on a continuous quest to align their operations with customer demand while minimizing inventory through supplier collaboration.
Unlike a forecast based MRP system, Just-In-Time (JIT) Kanban is a pull based system that is driven by demand to reduce inventory and optimize the manufacturing process.
Material is requested only when it is needed. The E-Kanban approach ensures that suppliers are notified immediately when a bin becomes empty. Inventory replenishment from external suppliers or from another division within the company gets automated with E-Kanban.
TPSynergy’s cloud based collaboration system acts as a common gateway between suppliers and buyers to see the current status of all the Kanban bins. With one common system that is accessible to all trading partners, TPSynergy becomes a single, reliable source of information reducing inventory and avoiding costly production bottlenecks.

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Internal & External

E-Kanban can be used to refill inventory from another division within the same company or from an external supplier.

Easy Implementation

A Kanban system can be implemented in few days. You can start with just a handful of items to experiment with and then expand.

Comprehensive System

TPSynergy is a comprehensive E-Kanban system. Printing bar coded cards, scanning, and refill signals are all included

Independent System

TPSynergy’s E-Kanban system can run without an ERP system, and replenishment signal loops can be run independently.

Reconciliation Reports

All Kanban transactions including refill requests, shipments and receipts are recorded in the system. End of month reports help invoice reconciliation

Supplier Onboarding

Suppliers can use either a mobile app or a web portal to view, print and transact Kanban cards. A simple, easy to use interface makes supplier onboarding easy.

How it benefits your supply chain

  • The Kanban system has proven to reduce inventory by 20%
  • Demand driven refill ensures no excess or shortage in inventory.
  • Electronic signals ensure instant communication of demand to suppliers.
  • The web interface gives a view of the current Kanban card status to suppliers.
  • Bar coded Kanban cards make it easy to scan and inform suppliers.

All of these aspects are crucial for On Time Delivery

How does it work?

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Mobile apps allow for
faster and more efficient

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Bar Coded Bins

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Transaction Reports

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