Not Just Another EDI

TPSynergy is not just another EDI translator. It is an end to end order processing system. Some of our specialties include: back order management, partial shipments, shipping label printing, automatic invoicing, automated QuickBooks posting, transactions monitoring, and chargeback disputes.
  1. EDI orders from Customers
  2. Order Acknowledgement – Back ordering
  3. Shipments Creation
  4. UCC Labels
  5. Carton Labels
  6. Fedex/UPS Labels
  7. EDI Invoicing
  8. QuickBooks Integration
  9. Customer support

EDI Customers

We have helped our customers to connect to many large retailers. We can also connect to any other companies if needed. We do the heavy lifting to setup the EDI connection and get it certified by the customer. It will include working with your IT team and your customer’s IT team to go through the EDI configuration and testing process and get EDI certified.

Integration to Other Systems

Most other EDI service providers just stop at receiving and sending EDI messages. TPSynergy not only receives EDI data, but it pushes it to other systems too. So, if you are using an in-house accounting or ERP system, TPSynergy can connect to it and provide an end to end automated system. To the right are some of the integrations we have done in the past. We can also build any new integrations as needed.

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