EDI for Big Commerce DropShip

TPSynergy provides a tailor made EDI solution for BigCommerce Suppliers doing drop shipping. It has all the tools and features needed for fully automating the dropship orders management process to save time and cost. Sending the Drop ship orders to suppliers automatically and update shipment and tracking info back to BigCommerce.
TPSynergy has tested and certified the EDI Integration with many customers and suppliers. All EDI types like X12,XML,FTP are supported. Non EDI suppliers can be informed through Email.

Like to know more?

Automated Hands Free Process

Customer orders in BigCommerce automatically converted to Supplier Drop-ship order. No need to do manual processing of DropShip orders.

SKU Mapping

TPSynergy automatically maps between your SKU and supplier SKU. Also, it supports multiple suppliers for one customer order

Fedex/UPS Labels

Suppliers can login directly in TPSynergy to print Fedex/UPS labels using your shipping account.

Integrated to QuickBooks

Supplier Invoices are automatically posted to QuickBooks as Bills. This will help to keep track of expenses.

EDI Support

TPSynergy is a full EDI system. If your DropShip supplier needs the orders to be sent through EDI, TPSynergy will send it using EDI.

3PL Support

If you are using a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) to manage your inventory, TPSynergy works well with 3PL. Shipping users can directly login to TPSynergy to print the shipping labels and ship confirm the orders.

Monitoring and Alerts

TPSynergy monitors for potential delays and alerts you by email. For example, if the supplier has not shipped the order in time, TPSynergy will send reminder alerts to both suppiers and you.

Inventory Update

TPSynergy will automatically get the current inventory from Suppliers periodically. This will be updated back to BigCommerce so that stock out orders will be prevented.

Business Dashboard

TPSynergy provides a real time business dashboard showing business trend and performance with Customer. The Dashboards helps to monitor the order trend, timely shipments, product wise business etc

How does it benefit your Business ?

    • Hands free Drop Ship Order Management
    • No data entry and communication errors
    • Automated Shipment and Tracking number update
    • Increased business due to more drop shipped products can be processed

Why is TPSynergy a full Service EDI?

Documents Printing in TPSynergy

Carton Labels

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Packing Slip

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FedEx/UPS Labels

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Bill Of Lading (BOL)

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Documents Printing in TPSynergy

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Integration to Other Systems

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