What is Supply Chain Control Tower

A control tower in the airport is used to provide visual control of all the incoming and outgoing flights. Though computers and monitors provide all the necessary data for managing the flight traffic, controllers still prefer to look through the glass walls of the control tower and make necessary decisions.

A control tower in the Supply chain gives the same advantage of an airport control tower. It provides visual inputs for all the supply chain traffic for a company and its trading partners.

Supply Chain Control Tower is a combination of Process, People and Systems

Similar to ERP, WMS, CRM , SRM , SCTC is also a critical element in the Systems Landscape of any organization.



It provides the single source of truth and visibility to the entire supply chain community.

TPSynergy Supply Chain Control Tower provides the full functionality of a Supply chain Management system including the control tower capabilities.

Check our follow on posts regarding the details on various types of supply chain control towers and what it means to each industry.

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