Supply Chain Integration as a Service

Supply Chain Integration

Our previous blog on Supply chain Integration, Visibility and Collaboration explained how an Integrated supply chain achieves efficiency using connected systems. The next questions will be how this integration can be achieved.


B2B Integration

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Integrating various systems in the supply chain will need one of the electronic Integration method to be used.

The most popular method of integration is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). In this method a common protocol (EDI) is used to communicate the supply chain messages from one system to another system.



Implementing an Integrated Supply Chain

Till very recently, implementing an Integrated supply chain needed large investment and effort on the party of the organization that is implementing this initiative. The budget was running into hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of effort.

Cloud Systems for Integrations as Service

As most of the business applications are moving to cloud, so is the Supply Chain Integration also.

A cloud provider like TPSynergy can provide the integrations as a service deployed in the cloud. With this companies can implement an Integrated supply chain system in few weeks.



Less Risk

As the integrations are not owned by the company, it is quick and easy to change the systems to modern technology as there is no huge investment and lock in period.

Technologies in the cloud

Most of the integration technologies like EDI, XML are available in the cloud for integration.

With the cloud technology offering Integration as a service, there is no reason for companies to have their supply chain not as an Integrated supply chain.

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