IOT Supply chain visibility

Everything talks to everything. This is the concept of Internet of Things (IOT). Devices that remained dumb and silent have gained powers to talk to the world and announce where they are and what they are doing.


Global location of a shipment and travel path information provides the much needed visibility. Real time location and re routing adds flexibility to the supply chain. This is achieved by Internet of Things (IOT).



Traditionally, companies had to depend upon their transporters to provide the visibility on the shipments. Either they need to use the portal to check the status using the tracking number or use some kind of API integration to get the status. But this status is not necessarily a real time status because the shipment changes many hands during the transit and the last available tracking status may not be accurate.

Recent trend in this IOT is to slip a small device into the shipment. This device will not be bigger than a cell phone. This device continuously transmits its current location and also vital statistics like Temperature, Humidity etc.



IOT enabled shipment tracking provides many advantages

  1. Pro-active action when some conditions are met. For example, in Cold supply chain, as soon as the temperature tolerances are violated, corrective action can be taken instead of waiting till the receipt of the shipment and rejecting the entire shipment.
  2. Shipment traceability. Reduces Theft and pilferage
  3. Regulatory compliance. In Food and Pharma industries, it is essential that transnational history of all change of hands to be maintained. IOT device enables such a tracking available.

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