Full Service EDI for Amazon Vendor Central

EDI for Amazon Vendor Central

More and more suppliers are moving to Amazon vendor Central today. As the order volume for a product increases in Amazon marketplace, Amazon invites the vendor to move to Vendor Central.

Advantages of Amazon Vendor Central

While seller central is a platform for the sellers to manage their own product sales, Vendor central is a more organized procurement from Amazon. Order volume increases as Amazon promotes the products and sells more volume.

Disadvantages of Amazon Vendor Central

The main disadvantage of Amazon vendor central will be the Chargebacks. Refer our article on chargebacks from Amazon. This post explains how to successfully dispute a chargeback from Amazon.

Full Service EDI With Amazon Vendor Central

Using EDI (Electronic Documents Interchange) instead of a manual process will reduce manual errors and improve chargeback situation.

Selecting the right service provider for the EDI is very important. The EDI service provider should understand the process for Amazon vendor central and the solution should be tailor made for the Vendor Central. Also, the EDI service provider should be familiar with the Chargebacks and able to create disputes in vendor central.

The EDI Service should be able to

  1. Confirm or back order in time. Individual orders or bulk order updates should be supported
  2. Reminder email alerts when the vendor misses to confirm the orders within 24 hours.
  3. Ability to send routing requests through EDI and get routing confirmation.
  4. Flexible packaging. Multi-level packaging
  5. Integrated to UPS and FedEx for printing labels
  6. Updating tracking numbers automatically

Watch this video that explains what a full-service EDI means and what to look for in an EDI service provider.

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