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Benefits of an Integrated Shipment Tracker

improvements along all aspects of business, its almost unbelievable to think shipment tracking has barely changed over the last decade. In a large amount of companies, the shipment tracking system is mostly, if not completely, detached from the order management system. This leads to tiresome and tedious data entry tasks, which along with not adding anything to the company, have a high risk of causing errors. A carrier gives a single number which is used periodically to check the approximate location of where the package last was. In addition, the location can only be seen if the exact shipping number is used, meaning it’s impossible to see more than one device at a time. It’s clear to see how easily blockages can occur using the traditional shipment tracking. Here’s how an integrated shipment tracker can streamline your business:


When an large order is negotiated between a supplier and customer, its common for a strict order arrival date to be set, and for the order to be completely invalid if not arrived within the date. Due to the importance of having the order ship on time, needing to manually enter every shipment update can cause a bottleneck down the line, potentially endangering a vital shipment. Having an integrated tracker, however, means that all updates are automatically reflected in your system. This gives both you and your customer the information you need.


In most order processing systems, the activities of the shipment have to be shown accurately and quickly. This is to keep the customer informed about the activities of the shipment, and to accurately reflect invoice information. Using a carrier-provided tracking number works, but is tedious and may not provide sufficient detail. As such, using an integrated shipment tracker helps immensely by reducing the steps needed in the ordering process. Rather than having to key in carrier numbers one-by-one, you can easily connect the shipment tracker to the order by scanning the code provided.


While this played a part in the previous system, reducing data entry is by itself an achievement. Instead of wasting valuable human time and effort into entering data for every shipment, an integrated shipment tracker syncs its data into your system, and any systems attached.


With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why an integrated shipment tracker is useful to any business. Learn more about or rent TPSynergy’s integrated shipment tracker here: https://www.tpsynergy.com/iot-shipment-tracking

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