Amazon EDI Label Requirements

Amazon expects its suppliers to follow their Label requirements strictly. If any failures on the part of vendors on proper labeling will lead to chargebacks and reduction in profit for suppliers. We discussed about various chargebacks and how to reduce them in one of our earlier post.

Three Levels of Label

Labels are required at three levels when shipping material to Amazon.

  1. Item level labels
  2. Carton level labels
  3. Pallet level labels

Let us see each one of them and see how this requirement to be met by Amazon vendors.

Item Level Labels

Each shippable/sellable unit should have a bar coded label. It can be the UPC or EAN code that is bar coded and also printed in human readable format.



Carton Level labels

Each packaging carton should have its own label. Amazon has recommended specifications for printing these labels. The carton labels can be printed from Amazon vendor central portal or from your EDI service provider. The carton label has unique identifier called SSCC code. This will identify each package unique. TPSynergy has pre-built label printing solutions for Amazon EDI.



Pallet Level Labels

When large shipments are shipped in pallets, and the full pallet has single SKU/ASIN it is required that pallet level labels are affixed to the pallet. Pallet level labels does not exclude carton level labels. Carton level labels are still required. Pallet level labels are in addition to carton level labels.



Amazon says that even though single ASIN/SKU is shipped in the full pallet , it is still needed that each carton has their own labels. So ,it is safer to use both carton level labes and pallet level labels

TPSynergy Amazon EDI

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