Direct Fulfillment (Dropship) EDI for Amazon

What is Drop-ship /Direct Fulfillment for Amazon

Amazon offers Direct Fulfillment facility to selected vendors. The vendors should already be in the vendor central program to be invited for Direct Fulfillment drop-ship program.

Normally in Vendor Central program, Amazon will issue bulk order at the beginning of each week. Suppliers are expected to ship the bulk order to one or more Fulfillment Centers (FC) of Amazon. But in case of drop-ship program, the orders are very small and sent throughout the day and week.

These orders are to be directly shipped to the end customer and not to Amazon Fulfillment Center (FC)

What is the difference between Seller Central and Direct Fulfillment

Seller central is also single order shipment to end customer direct. But the main difference is that in case of Seller central, and Direct Fulfillment is that in case of Seller central, it is directly sold by the suppliers and not by Amazon. Sellers have control on the price they sell for. In case of Direct fulfillment, orders are received by Amazon and it in turn turns around it as a drop-ship order back to the supplier.



EDI for Direct Fulfillment

Why EDI?

While all transactions for direct fulfillment can be done in the Vendor portal itself, it will be lot of work to process the orders one by one in vendor central.

EDI Allows sellers to process the order in bulk, print shipping labels in bulk.


EDI Requirements for Amazon Direct Fulfillment


Amazon requires the suppliers to be ready for the below EDI transactions

EDI 846 – Inventory availability – To be sent several times a day
EDI 855 – Order confirmation back to Amazon.
EDI 856 – Ship notice. Advance shipment notice
EDI 810 – Invoice

In addition to the above, suppliers also need to print Pack Slip in a specific format.

TPSynergy EDI solution for Amazon Direct Fulfillment

TPSynergy is a cloud based supply chain solution that provides EDI capability for many small and mid-sized companies. Using TPSynergy solution(, EDI for Amazon Direct fulfillment can be automated. As this solution is integrated to FedEx and UPS, labels can be printed in bulk instead of printing one by one in Vendor Central.

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