Supplier Portal
Provides a Self Service Portal to Your Suppliers.
Supplier Portal
Using Supplier Portal , publish the purchase orders to your suppliers in real time. Suppliers will be able to view the orders, print pdf copy of the same and respond with their feedback on dates, quantity and prices.

These feedback can instantly be synchronized to your ERP system so that you can plan your production more effectively.

Also Suppliers get notified if any of the orders are pending their confirmation for a longer than allowed time. Suppliers can also create shipments, View Receipts Invoice creation and Payment details update also can be done in the Supplier portal.
Customer Portal
Provide a Order Management Portal to your Customers.
Provide a Order Management Portal to your Customers
Customers can create orders in the portal. These orders will automatically synchronize to your ERP and create sales orders in your system.

You will be able to provide status updates to your customers in the portal. For example in case of contract manufacturing, your customers will need to be updated with the current status and Manufacturing milestone. Also inform customers when shipments are on their way with tracking numbers.

When you invoice the customer in your system, the invoice will automatically sync to the portal and customers will be notified of the E-invoice.

Inventory Portal
Manage your inventory Online and collaborate with warehouse managers.
Inventory Portal
Inventory located at various locations is difficult to manage as the people managing the inventory may not have access to your system from remote places.

In case of distribution channel inventory located in warehouses and retail locations, the online portal provides convenient access to all for viewing the current inventory and maintain the same.

Also if you are getting material from customers for contract manufacturing, you can keep the customers updated with the current inventory balances in your stock.

In case of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) suppliers can view the current inventory at customer locations and keep maintaining the inventory levels as needed.
Supply Chain
Birds' eye view of your supply chain. View all the metrics related to your supply chain.
Supply Chain Dashboard
Supply chain executives need to have an high level picture of their current supply chain status.

What are the problem areas, where should they look at and what should they do Also the dash board provides the current metrics like Supplier performance, on time delivery and Business exceptions in the system.

Data is presented in a graphical manner that is easy to read and understand.

The graphs and presentations are very useful for presentations and meetings
Monitor your supply chain for any problem areas and pre-empt problems.
Monitor your supply chain for any problem areas and pre-empt problems
System monitors the Supply chain process for any exceptions. The typical problem areas could be
  • Supplier Not confirming orders in time
  • Buyers not responding to supplier queries
  • Shipments past due not shipped yet
  • Shipped Shipments did not reach in time
  • Delayed shipments
  • Low inventory at warehouses
  • Invoices not paid in time
These situations are monitored and corrective action taken by the system automatically. Concerned parties like Buyers , Suppliers, Executives are informed by Email, SMS Text messages and Mobile apps push notifications. Users can select the type of exceptions they would like to be notified about.
Continuous evaluation of your supplier performance with metrics.
Continuous evaluation of your supplier performance with metrics
Measure your supplier performance in terms of
  • On time Delivery :- This is also called Promise Vs Fulfilment.
  • Quality Delivery :- Rejects count compared to the shipment quantity count. Provides metrics on the quality of material supplied.
  • Cost reduction :- How the price is reducing or increasing over a period of time
  • Invoice Accuracy :- How many times the invoices goes on hold due to price variances
  • Response time :- Time taken by suppliers to respond to new or modified orders or other buyer queries
  • Average price indeed :- If the same item is procured from different suppliers how is the price compared
Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN) from suppliers.
Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN) from suppliers.
  • Suppliers will be able to create Ship Notifications in the portal and that will create expected shipments in your ERP.
  • Planners and Warehouse managers will know exactly when material is expected and storage requirement s like size and volume.
  • Suppliers can provide tracking numbers and system will monitor the progress of the shipment and if there are any delays, all concerned parties will be notified.
  • The system is integrated to UPS,Fedex and DHL for tracking updates.
E-invoices and E-payments.
E-invoices and E-payments
  • Avoid using paper invoices and email status updates. Suppliers will create E-invoices on the portal and that can created unapproved invoices in your ERP system.
  • Accounts payable need to just verify the invoices and need not key in the invoice again into the system. This will avoid lot of manual work and human errors..
  • When invoices are paid , suppliers will be electronically notified of the payment details
  • And also if the invoice is put into hold for some reasons, suppliers will be able to see that the invoice has gone into hold and can take necessary actions for any error rectification.
ERP Ready is fully integrated with all popular ERP systems like SAP , Oracle, QuicBooks.    read more
ERP Ready
  • Use our client program to connect to your on Premise ERP systems like SAP and Oracle.. if you are using Cloud based ERP systems like QuickBooks also, we can connect to the ERP and get the information needed.
  • This will avoid any IT work on your company in building integration, testing it etc. Our industry standard integration architecture ensures data is synchronized between TpSynergy portal and your ERP seamlessly.
  • When Orders are created in your ERP, it will flow over to the portal and vice versa for all the business transactions like Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Inventory
EDI Ready
Pre built EDI Integration.
Pre built EDI Integration.
All Supply chain standard X12 EDI integration is built into the platform.
X12-850 - New Orders
X12-855 - Order Acknowledgement
X12-860 - Order Amendment
X12-865 - Order Acknowledgement
X12-856 - Shipment Notification
X12-810 - Invoices
X12-820 - Remittance Advices
For SAP customers we have ready build IDOC Interfaces to cover ORDERS,INVOIC and DESADV
Mobile Apps
The platform comes with Free Mobile apps on Smart Phone and Tablets.
Mobile Apps
  • The Mobile apps are available for Android Phones, Android Tablets, Iphone and Ipad
  • Using the Mobile apps, - suppliers can view the new orders and respond to them from the mobile app. They can accept or suggest changes to orders.
  • Inventory levels across multiple location can be viewed. You can search for an inventory item or by location. Also the mobile apps will have alerts and push notification when the inventory level goes below minimum quantity.
  • Summary of Invoices and Shipments can be seen in the mobile apps
  • Executive Dash Board is available in Mobile apps also
Manage documents and get E-signatures
Document Management
  • Customers and suppliers can share documents like Order copy, Part Drawings, Email copies in the platform by uploading them into the platform.
  • If documents need to be signed, E signatures can be obtained and stored in the platform.
  • System maintains document versions for any changes.
  • Signatures can be obtained electronically or upload signed scanned copy to the platform
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