Understanding Amazon Vendor Central – Order Types

Within Amazon Vendor Central, there are two order types, DC and Direct Fulfillment. They vary in order frequency and processing steps.

DC Orders

DC stands for Distribution Center, meaning that orders ship to Amazon’s various distribution centers. By default, anybody invited to the Vendor Central Program is

added to DC. DC orders work by suppliers shipping inventory as requested by Amazon to one of their distribution centers. Form there, the products are shipped to the end user. Usually, Amazon order requests are sent once a week. To fulfill a DC order, vendors need to undergo the following process:

  1. Confirm/ Back Order/ Reject request
  2. Create routing request
  3. Ship order
  4. Invoice Amazon



Direct Fulfillment

The other type of VC order is a Direct Fulfillment order. As opposed to DC orders, suppliers ship the products directly to the end user, rather than to an Amazon Distribution center. In addition, these orders are sent only when a customer buys through Amazon, rather than in bulk. To fulfill a Direct Fulfillment order, vendors must do the following:

  1. Confirm/ Back Order/ Reject request
  2. Ship order
  3. Invoice Amazon




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