Types of Control Towers in Supply Chain

In our previous blog What is a Supply Chain control Tower we discussed the similarities between a Supply Chain control tower and airport control tower.

Both provide similar functionality of visibility and control that are essential in managing the traffic.

Supply chain control towers can be classified based on their functionalities or areas of operation.

Analytical Control Tower – This type of control towers are used for Analysis Only. If any Corrective/Improvement actions are to be done, it was done in some other systems.

  • Dashboards and Analytical Reports
  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Drill Down Insights


Operational Control Tower – This type of control towers are used for both analysis and actions. This will be a comprehensive system that provides all the necessary functionalities.

  • Operational control towers are larger systems that may include the analytical capabilities also. Transactions are performed within the supply chain control tower.
  • All trading partners within the supply chain use the control tower system to manage their day to day operations of the supply chain execution. This adds rich data to the platform so that meaningful analysis also can be performed with in the supply chain control tower.
  • Any corrective actions needed based on analysis, is performed inside the control tower system. For example, if the supplier has not created advance shipment notice, corrective action is to create the shipment notice within the control tower. So, both problem identification and problem resolution are done in the same system.

Transportation Control Tower – This control tower covers only transportation related activities. Shipments visibility , freight consolidation are done in this control tower.

  • Transportation control towers are shipments focused. Shipments are a critical and major segment of the entire supply chain.
  • These kind of control towers are mainly provided by the logistics service providers and may not be run by the buying enterprise.
  • All inbound and outbound shipments are tracked through origin to destination.
  • Freight rerouting, Freight cost analysis, Freight consolidation are some of the major benefits of this kind of control tower.
  • A transportation control tower can be analytic or operational

Supply Chain Control Tower – This is the most comprehensive supply chain control tower available. This covers both Shipments and other supply chain operations managed in the control tower.

  • Unlike Transportation control tower, Supply chain control tower has larger scope of operation. Transportation will be a part of the entire control tower landscape.
  • End to end process of supply chain is monitored and controlled through this control tower. Customers, suppliers, transporters, warehouses, shipments are all part of this supply chain.
  • Supply chain control tower can also be analytical or operational. While Analytical control towers provide the necessary insights into the supply chain, Operational control tower will have the transactions also performed in the control tower.
  • Let us see details of each supply chain control tower.

Control Tower Operations

TPSynergy control Tower is a comprehensive full functionality Supply Chain Control Tower that covers integration, visibility and control into one solution.

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