TPSynergy Wins Best Software Award from FinancesOnline

TPSynergy is ranked a best software for Supply Chain Collaboration

Finances Online, a very popular review platform for software and B2B Services, recently published a detailed review of TPSynergy solution.

This review analyzes the features of TPSynergy, benefits of the solution and market segments.

TPSynergy awarded Rising start of 2017 and Great User Experience 2017 award to TPSynergy.

TPSynergy Benefits

As per the Finance Online Review, TPSynergy allows businesses to greatly enhance their relationships and transactions with their suppliers by giving them total visibility via their own supplier portal. With this functionality, suppliers can see purchase orders and make their own Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) and Electronic Invoices.

Features of TPSynergy

As per the review of TPSynergy by Finance Online, the key features of the system are

  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Order Collaboration
  • Inventory Visibility
  • E-inventory
  • Supplier Metrics
  • Integrations
  • Amazon EDI integrations
  • Online Channel Product Listing
  • Drop Ship Order Management
  • Shipping and Label Printing
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management


Major problems solved by TPSynergy as below

  • Suppliers are complaining that the purchase orders are not received in time. Material receipts are delayed. Supply chain teams feel that a portal to manage the purchase orders and shipments with the suppliers is essential. There is no huge IT budget available for building a portal solution. A readily built collaboration portal with suppliers is needed immediately.
  • A supplier is selling to a large customer and this large customer is insisting on being EDI ready. The supplier needs an EDI system that can receive orders and can be used for managing the shipments.
  • Order data from customers need to be entered manually into the accounting system like QuickBooks or ERP. This is duplicate data entry causing error and delay.

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