The Benefits of Implementing an EDI Solution

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What is EDI?


Electronic Data Integration, or EDI, is a system by which data, such as purchase orders or invoices, are able to be processed and responded to by various electronic systems, rather than by manual processing by humans. Some EDI messages include EDI 850 – New Purchase Orders, and EDI 727 – Supplier Routing Request.


The Benefits of implementing EDI


The main benefit of implementing a comprehensive EDI solution is that many platforms, such as Amazon VC, require suppliers to be EDI compliant to a certain degree. Along with that, having EDI technology allows you to save hours of human labor, and potential human error, by having documents managed by a computer. Furthermore, EDI saves you money in the long run by eliminating costs associated with paper usage and wasted employee time.


The Problem with Traditional EDI Solutions


So why isn’t every business in the world fully EDI compliant? The main problem with most EDi solutions is that they are custom built from scratch, often costing large amounts of money and coming with hours of troubleshooting after its installation. For most small and medium sized companies, this initial barrier to entry is enough to deter them from adopting an EDI solution that works for them. TPSynergy, on the other hand, offers a cloud-based full service EDI solution that adapts itself to your business, depending on your specific needs. TPSYnergy’s solution also comes at a cost that fits your business, no matter its scale.


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