Supply Chain Collaboration is Crucial for Businesses to Achieve Optimum Operational Efficiency

The Supply Chain has always been an integral part of any business. Supply Chain function is highly responsible for in – bound and out – bound logistics and moreover, the internal processes of the organisation. A supply chain collaboration enables the organisation to convey the accurate information to the distribution channels and also to enable the client or the final customer to track the processing and get the status quo of his requirement. Therefore most of the organisations have invested a considerable time and money to enhance their supply chain activities and thus achieve optimum operational efficiency. All the processes like taking quotation, sales order, purchase order, billing and e-mails have been completely automated to shorten the cycle time of each output.

A supply chain collaboration includes suppliers, customers, logistics and warehouse. Each and every business process is linked with them. Supply chain visibility becomes very crucial in case of e – commerce businesses where they take several orders and process them simultaneously. On time delivery of the product becomes very important and moreover, generating e – invoices and notifying to customer is an integral part of the process. A sound supply chain mechanism in an organisation enables end to end solutions for inventory management and logistics visibility. It enables monitoring and controlling of each and every step involved in the complete process.

Organisations like Amazon and e – bay flourish in the market due to their strong supply chain collaboration and logistics management. Their processes are highly efficient and therefore they are able to deliver quality services. There are various third party providers of end – to – end supply chain solutions to the organisations. Most of the large corporations outsource their supply chain management to these third party vendors. It is also profitable as these third party providers have expertise in providing services and organisations can focus more on their core competencies.

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