Supplier Management is Essential for Consistent Production

In a company which is trying to integrate new technology the biggest hurdle is if the people or its employees are going to accept the new technology or not. There have been many cases where when a company has tried to accept a new technology its employees have rejected it and it never came in the light. Hence, the problem for new technology onboarding comes down to the manufacturer of the new technology. The manufacturer needs to make sure that the new technology is easy enough for the new employees and also easier than the previous technology the employees have already been working on.

The vendor managed inventory software that TPSynergy has created is very easy to adapt and does not require very complex understanding. The supplier onboarding process for the vendor managed inventory is very easy to adapt as it gives a good idea to the supplier itself for managing the inventory.

Order acknowledgment, receipt, delivery confirmation all these things are done by TPSynergy and sent to the ERP system for acknowledgment. Supplier communication is very essential for supplier on boarding here, if the supplier is communicated about the benefits he can have by getting on boarded, it is actually going to save a lot of time and money for both the supplier and the company as well. The previously installed system in this case remains as it is, all that is added to the system is the TP Synergy’s vendor managed inventory tool. Hence, supplier onboarding through supplier communication play a key role in adoption of the vendor managed inventory.

Get in touch with the TP synergy( website and get to know the details of the vendor managed inventory system and allow yourself to cut down extra cost and save time and money.

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