Optimizing Business Output by Efficient Inventory Management System

Whenever you have a business, you will have a lot of stock to deal with. A fast growing business needs to know that how can it manage inventory.

Inventory management is a key tool to increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization. If the inventory of the organization is not managed it will lead to inefficiency of the organization as the supplier and the vendor would not know what items needs to be ordered, which items are already present and which needs to be replenished. Hence, a vendor managed inventory needs to be set up in the organization in order to know the statistics of the system and what, when and where to stock needs to be ordered and dispatched.

Vendor Managed Inventory

A vendor managed inventory allow the system to see and do the analyses the system from within as how many stocks are already available and how many of them needs to be ordered or manufactured. This kind of inventory visibility allows the company to keep a track on the orders they make and also allows everyone to be updated on the items they are manufacturing. In the vendor managed inventory the inventory visibility is a key part that needs to be known and understood.

The major players of the vendor managed inventory needs to know the inventory status of the system and hence make accurate calculations accordingly. The major players of the vendor managed inventory are the suppliers who supply the product to the company, warehouse providers who store the inventory from small to bulk amount, transporters who transport the product to different locations like the warehouse, shops, retail stores etc. These three players need to know the inventory status of the system.

The inventory visibility of these three players is essential because if the supplier does not know what amount he needs to supply it will create a problem for the warehouse management team. The warehouse management team will not be able to judge the amount of supply coming in from the supplier and they will not be able to manage their inventory which is already present and which needs to be dispatched.

Same is the case with the transporter as if he is not given the inventory visibility he will not know how many trips he should be making to supply the inventory from the warehouse to the retail shops or vice versa. Everybody in the system should have a inventory visibility chart in the vendor managed inventory as it will make it very easy for the entire system to make sure that they do not produce in excess quantity.

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