Implementation of Information Technology Has Very Positive Prospects for Organisations Across the Globe.

Today, it is highly essential for any business to deliver high performance. High performance includes its complete value chain. Business performance largely depends on how efficient its processes are. After all, a delay in shipment either from supplier to business or business to the customer can have a significant impact that would negatively affect the organisation’s credibility. Moreover, there is a very high probability of mismatch in the orders and quotations. Henceforth, most of the organisations across the globe are now implementing software like ERP to track orders and processes at any point of time and anywhere and providing end to end solution to all the stakeholders of the business and thus increasing its efficiency.

A business organization generally has many suppliers and third party vendors that meet the requirements of the business. However, tracking each supplier’s delivery is not an easy job. Moreover, especially in the e-commerce and manufacturing business, it is practically not feasible to process thousands of orders each day and create the invoices for the same. Therefore, these type of organisations opt for software based solutions that integrates the various departments of the organisation and provide real time status of the process and expected delivery time. Moreover, it also facilitates faster data exchange and information flow and thus it makes it easier to take decisions.

One of the most important aspect of this software based solution is EDI (electronic data interchange). As the abbreviation suggests, it is the exchange of documents between the stakeholders of the business such as suppliers, vendors, clients, etc. There are various advantages associated with it. Firstly, it reduces the data entry errors as the data is being checked in each process. Secondly, it reduces the overall process time to deliver a document as manual exchange is bound to take relatively much time. Thirdly, it reduces overall paperwork and consequently reducing the costs associated with it. Other benefits include better logistics planning, transparent communication and maintenance of data for long time.

There are various portals that provide a complete software based solution to the organisations for their overall value chain activities that include inbound logistics, manufacturing process, outbound logistics, sales and after sales services. TPSynergy is one of the online portal that provide these services. The services include supply chain collaborations, EDI integration and e- invoices where suppliers can create the invoices on the portal through ASN(advanced shipment notifications). Moreover, they also provide consultation services to the clients regarding their software.
Implementation of the IT (information technology) infrastructure has helped organisations grow manifolds and enhanced their overall operations. These vendor and supplier portals are thus very effecting in enhancing the overall business performance and reducing costs.

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