Handling High Order Volume Using EDI

As order volume increases, business need to work with more suppliers and vendors to meet their increasing demand. This is especially true today, when each supplier has their own unique data management system. Having to manually enter data that matches with each supplier is not only incredibly inefficient, but is also prone to errors due to typos, etc.

amazon edi high order volume


How EDI Can Benefit Your Business

Once businesses begin to grow, they have to deal with increasing numbers of proprietary data systems. Some of the benefits EDI can bring include:

  • Entering data
  • Uploading inventory orders
  • Sending invoices
  • Reducing printed documents
  • Order confirmation
  • Sending tracking information

For your inventory, EDI can also bring massive benefits. Stock-out situations and overstocking can drastically slow down your business speed. Having an automated system to send inventory information allows you to stay on top of your business at all times.

Along with these benefits, EDI allows you to increase the speed with which you handle large order volumes, and allows you to save valuable employee time. In addition, when doing business with companies like Amazon or Walmart, EDI is an absolute necessity and is either mandated by them, or is required in practice.

EDI With Amazon

Some of the EDI types and documents in Amazon are:

  • EDI 855—Order Confirmation
  • EDI 856—Advance Shipment Notice
  • EDI 810—Invoices to Customer
  • EDI 753—Routing Request
  • EDI 860—Order Change Notification

TPSynergy offers a cloud-based full service EDI solution that adapts itself to your business, depending on your specific needs. TPSynergy’s solution also comes at a cost that fits your business, no matter its scale.

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