Efficient Shipments Inbound Receiving


On Time Delivery as a process does not stop when material is delivered to stores; rather, it encompasses the whole system from production to consumption of a product. The more efficient a receiving method is, the faster material can be received, accounted, and stocked.

The barcodes on Advance Shipment Notices (ASN) allow for faster receiving with just a scan. The underlying data for the material has already been sent electronically, so the only step left is just the scanning of the barcode, instead of the more traditional method of opening the package and manually counting the inventory.

TPSynergy prints barcodes to be placed on the outside of packing slips and cartons. This allows for both the entire shipment to be scanned through the barcode, but also for individual items to be scanned. While packing slips give the high level details of the shipment, carton level labels make it easier to identify the box contents even after the goods are moved to the stores. The carton labels will stay with the cartons until they are fully consumed making it easier to see the supply details at any time.

Since the shipment data has already been sent, data such as purchase order numbers and item numbers has already been validated, allowing for 3 way matching in ERP and reduced delays.