EDI Compliance for Amazon

Amazon recommends its Vendors to be EDI Ready as soon as they start doing with business with Amazon.

What is EDI

To understand the basics of EDI and an overview, refer our earlier blog, Basics of EDI that explains how EDI for a trading partner works.

What you need to know about doing EDI with a customer

The basic questions to be addressed for any EDI connection are

  • How to connect to the customer system to receive and send EDI documents
  • What inbound and outbound documents are required to be exchanged
  • What EDI standards and format does customer require

Amazon EDI Connection

Amazon uses SFTP and AS2 to receive EDI files. Hence, all trading partners should be able to connect to have SFTP or AS2 system to send and receive EDI documents

Amazon EDI Standards

Amazon follows X12 5010 standards for its EDI Integration

EDI Documents Required for Amazon Connection

Amazon requires the below documents to be exchanged with the trading partner.
Outbound from KOHL

  1. EDI 850 – New Purchase Orders
  2. EDI 754 – Routing Request Confirmation from Amazon
  3. EDI 865 – Order Change Acceptance Notification from Amazon

Inbound to Amazon

Amazon expects the trading partners to send the below EDI messages

  • EDI 855 – Order Confirmation
  • EDI 856 – Advance Shipment Notice
  • EDI 810 – Invoices to customer
  • EDI 753 – Routing Request
  • EDI 860 – Order Change Notification

Testing Process with Amazon

Amazon has testing process with EDI certification. In Self Service Setup Amazon asks to configure your EDI connection setup for all the EDI documents like 855, 810, 856 and then Amazon provides a test order which needs to be processed from vendor side and Amazon expects EDI 855, 856, 810 for the test PO and vendor need to pass all the requirements of various EDIs like 855, 856 and 810 to setup Live connection activated for Amazon to send Live orders.

Third Party EDI Service Provider

Amazon encourages its vendors to become EDI compliant as soon as possible. Utilizing experienced EDI service provider like TPSynergy(www.tpsynergy.com) will shorten the cycle time to become EDI Compliant with Amazon

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