Ecommerce Ideas – Drop Ship 15000 Items from Honest Green

Honest Green

Honest Green is the eCommerce Division of UNFI. It is one leading online distributor of natural and organic health, wellness, and green living products. For e-tailers they provide fulfillment/dropship services, serving as a virtual warehouse with an “endless aisle”. For retailers, they sell at wholesale in less than case quantities via UPS.

Large Stock of Inventory

Honest Green has more than 15000 products available for drop shippers to buy from. And also the products are competitively priced.

Products, Images and Inventory

Honest Green has a rich catalogue of all items with brilliant images. This means that retailers can showcase their products in their website and sell them easily. Honest Green also provides daily update of new products introduced, price updates. Current inventory stock data is available every one hour so that you can sell only if stock is available.

How TPSynergy helps to become Honest Green Drop Shipper

It needs an automated solution to handle this volume of data and take advantage of the wide offering of Honest Green. TPSynergy is integrated to Honest Green Product and Inventory feed. This means that you can automatically list 15000 items in Amazon or Shopify stores and start selling them. Based on the daily and hourly feeds from Honest green, TPSynergy will update your Amazon marketplace or web stores to list new products and update inventory.

Drop Ship Order Processing

TPSynergy will automatically convert your customer order to Honest Green purchase order and send to them. Also when the order is shipped by Honest Green, TPSynergy will update the web stores with shipping and tracking information.

You can contact TPSynergy at to learn more.

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