Digitizing Your Supply Chain

Although most aspects of daily work have shifted online, one major activity has stayed grounded in the 1980s: data entry. Even today, where almost everybody has a smartphone, computer, etc. the vast majority of data entry for things like orders and purchases are still done via pen and paper. While this may seem simple, there’s a lot of reasons to switch to a digital data entry system


1. Save Time

While filling out a few forms may seem faster than a digital process, the numbers add up. 15 minutes a day, for example, adds up to almost 4 days in a year. 4 days that could be spent on more important tasks like actually growing your business.

2. Prevent Errors

All humans make mistakes. We lock the keys in the car, forget to buy milk at the store, and add a few zeroes onto the end of an order. These mistakes can cause serious problems for both you, and anybody else in the supply chain.

3. Stay Organized

Do you remember where you kept that purchase order from January that you need to review? Or the invoice from 2014 that you need to send again? Keeping track of documents is vital for any business, and having them in paper is a serious liability. Using a digital system however, a 20 minute search for an order from 2009 turns into a 20 second keyword search

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