Amazon Vendor Central Shipping Label Requirements

Amazon vendor central EDIAmazon vendor central has very strict guidelines on how their packages are to be labelled by the suppliers. No wonder with such an efficient supply chain system in Amazon, everything should work perfect. Labels on the packages help achieve this goal to Amazon

Label Types

There are various labels used in the shipping process for Amazon Vendor Central

  1. Product barcode labels – UPC/EAN/ASIN/ISBN – This is the individual product identifier that will generally be present on each unit packaging. This is the package that will reach the consumer. It should have a scannable bar code with any unique identifier above
  2. Carton Package Label – This is the next level of label on the shipment. This label to be affixed to each individual carton. If the product cover itself is the carton, then the label should be affixed on the carton. This label will be according to Amazon specification.  This label should have the below information
    • Ship to Location – Amazon Fulfillment Center
    • Ship from Location – Vendor Warehouse
    • Carrier name and tracking number



    • BOL Number if it is a LTL/FTL shipment
    • PO Number – Amazon order number in both text and barcode
    • Number of cartons in the shipment
    • Product details – Item number and description
    • Quantity
  3.  Pallet Label  – This label is needed if there are pallets in the shipment. Each pallet should have this label. This is in addition to individual carton labels. Even if pallet label is put at the pallet level, individual cartons should have label.  The pallet label will have the below information
    • Ship from and Ship to Locations
    • Pallet number and total number of pallets
    • Bill of Lading (BOL) number Amazon Pallet Label
    • SSCC code if the supplier is EDI supplier
    • Amazon purchase order number
  4. Carrier Labels – These are the UPS/Fedex label (small parcel labels). For collect shipments, it is necessary to have the Amazon PO number as the reference number in the label

How to Print these labels

All the labels mentioned above including the small parcel labels can be printed from Amazon vendor central. However, the label printing has to be done manually for each shipment

Advantage of using an EDI system over manual process

The process of printing labels can be done manually in vendor central. But using an EDI system like TPSynergy automates the entire process.

Labels can be printed in bulk from the EDI system instead of individual labels one by one in the vendor central. Also the labels can be sequenced in the way it is easier for automatic labeling machines can affix the labels on the packages on a conveyor.