Amazon Vendor Central – Required Shipment Information

Amazon vendor central EDIShipment Information to be Provided for Amazon Vendor Central

Shipments are important process for Amazon vendor central. Depending upon the Freight terms, suppliers are expected to provide shipment information at different stages.

Prepaid Shipments

Prepaid shipment suppliers are expected to provide shipment information only after the shipments have left their facility. As there are no routing request to be created for Prepaid shipment, it is not necessary to provide carrier request. These suppliers need to provide only Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) after the shipment has left their facility

Collect Shipments

Collect shipments suppliers need to create the routing request first to get carrier assigned. After the carrier picks up the shipment, Advance shipment notice (ASN) need to be submitted. So, collect shipment suppliers provide shipment information at two stages.

Information Required for Routing Request / Carrier Assignment

At the time of  creating a routing request, the below information  need to be provided

  1. Ship From Location – Vendors should have provided their warehouse address in the vendor central in advance. While creating routing request, suppliers need to provide the warehouse from where the current shipment.
  2. Freight Ready Date and Time – When the carrier can come and pick up the shipment
  3. Freight Class code – What is the type of items being shipped. Class of shipment can be found nmfta web site at
  4. Total Weight  – Weight of the shipment. This is not the weight of the order. As one order may have multiple shipments, this information is the weight of the shipment.
  5. Total Volume – Total volume of the shipment
  6. Number of Packages –  Total number of cartons in the shipment. As amazon expects each carton to be properly labelled, it is necessary to provide the number of small packages.
  7. Number of Pallets – If the small packages or cartons are arranged in a pallet, then number of such pallets need to be provided. This is more applicable when the shipment is to be shipped through LTL or FTL.
  8. Unique Shipment Identification number

Information to be provided at the time of ASN Submission

Amazon expects suppliers to provide Advance Ship Notice (ASN) as soon as the shipment is picked up by the carrier. However it should not exceed a maximum of 24 hours in any case.

While submitting the ASN, below information are required

  1. Unique Shipment Identification number
  2. Carrier SCAC Alpha code
  3. Carrier tracking number /BOL Number/Pro Number
  4. Date and Time when the shipment left the  warehouse
  5. Date and Time when it is expected to reach Amazon warehouse
  6. UCC-128 or Amazon unique identifier  AMZNCC code
  7. Quantity shipped for each item in each carton

Advantage of using an EDI system over manual process

The process of routing request creation and ASN submission can be done manually in vendor central. But using an EDI system like TPSynergy automates the entire process.

Routing requests are created automatically in vendor central using EDI connection. As the system already has the details of the item master, it can calculate the total weight and volume based on the quantity being shipped. This avoids manual calculation of weight and volume.

Complex packing like different lines goes into different packages can be done easily using excel upload. Both individual carton labels and Small parcel labels (UPS) can be generated using the EDI system.

Once the shipments are picked up by the carrier, just clicking one button in the EDI system will send the ASN details to Amazon so that the supplier does not forget to add the details in the vendor central. Also as the small parcel labels are created within the EDI system, no need to manually enter tracking numbers one by one in the vendor central.