3PL/Warehouse Process in Supply Chain

In most supply chains, warehouses and 3pl (third party logistics) providers are an essential part in ensuring that products arrive on time and are accounted for properly. Many businesses today rely on paper documents to convey information to and from warehouses, which takes time and is prone to errors, both of which slow down your supply chain. However, modern technology allows businesses to use EDI messages, which come with a variety of benefits, including:



Some benefits of having electronic data in the supply chain include enhanced collaboration, such as having a common system for collaboration between different parties in a supply chain.This allows transactional information to be viewed and edited by everybody without the use of  a shared doc or spreadsheet.


Having an electronic system allows for complete visibility into the order status, product traceability, inbound shipments and inventory status of the system. This allows all members of the supply chain to stay up to date on what’s happening.


collaboration warehouse


EDI messages with warehouses consist of those between the customer and the warehouse (940 – Warehouse Shipping Order, 943 –  Warehouse Transfer Order), and the supplier and the warehouse (856 – Advance Ship Notice).


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