The Importance of Inbound Shipment Visibility and How to Improve It

Of all the aspects of a supply chain, inbound visibility is one of the most important. Having an accurate view of when shipments will arrive can allow you to plan your inventory ahead of time and fulfill orders with the knowl
edge of what level your inventory will be at. In addition, having visibility can allow you to confirm your supply with confidence. While these benefits are great, the problem is that perfect visibility is almost nowhere to be found. Supplier ASNs are often limited in what they can show and carrier location data is usually vague as to the whereabouts of the product. The solution? An IoT-Enabled shipment tracker.


A shipment tracker may seem redundant in today;s world, but carrier systems are often lacking in what they show. If a shipment is stuck in a facility or is taking longer than expected, it’s anybody’s guess as to what happened with an ASN or USPS number. With a shipment tracker, however, your system gets constant updates ad to the location of your tracker. This means you’ll know exactly where your shipment is, and if it will arrive in time as you expected. In addition, a shipment tracker sends immediate alerts in the case of a problem, such as faulty temperature control, or stalled shipment times. These alerts are invaluable in maintaining the integrity of both the products and the shipping times.


This may sound great for you, but another problem is in getting your suppliers to adopt a shipment tracker. After all, it’s added work on their part to implement an added feature. The key is that a shipment tracker works both ways. Read our previous blog about how a shipment tracker can streamline the order process here:

In addition, you can incentivize your suppliers to adopt a shipment tracker by providing them the materials. By ordering enough trackers to cover the needed fleet (about 20 or 30 is usual), and by providing a helpful Ui, you can make sure your suppliers include them in their shipments.

Fortunately, TPSynergy’s shipment tracker provides all of the aforementioned benefits. With temperature and location tracking, emergency alerts, and integration into orders, it’s sure to benefits all sides of the supply chain. You can read more and order them here: