Supply Chain Collaboration and Inventory Visibility


Improve On Time Delivery (OTD) from suppliers by providing a self service supplier portal using TPSynergy collaboration platform.

Suppliers view the purchase orders and acknowledge in the TPSynergy vendor portal. Suppliers also create Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) and Electronic Invoices in the self service portal

TPSyenrgy also provides end to end visibility of Inventory at various locations. VMI visibility, Quality collaboration , Real time monitoring, Supplier metrics measurement are some of the benefits of TPSynergy supply chain solution.

End to End Communication between Customers, Suppliers, Warehouse providers and Transporters and Integrating them into one platform improves visibility and removes any redundancy in communication. Data is visible and available to all providing one source of truth for all. With pro active monitoring, Reporting capabilities, Analytic and Supplier performance measurement, TPSynergy provides a levitation to the efficiency of your supply chain.

Purchase orders from ERP will be extracted automatically and sent to TPSynergy portal. Supplier will get Email alert along with a pdf copy of the order. Supplier will log in to TPSynergy portal and provide their acceptance or Request to change. Supplier feedback automatically flows back to ERP and updates the status.

Now, Planners will be able to plan their manufacturing and customer deliveries accurately as they know when the supplier is expected to deliver the material.

Suppliers will create Advance Shipment Notification (ASN) in TPSynergy portal.

TPSynergy application ensures that suppliers will not ship the wrong order or ship more than the open quantity.

Suppliers can print delivery documents from the portal with bar code label printed. Also Suppliers can print shipping labels directly from carriers like FEDEX,UPS.
TPSynergy application will send the ASN details to the ERP automatically. When material arrive at the receiving dock, all that the receiving person has to do is to scan the bar code in the Delivery document and all the data will appear on the screen. This makes the receiving process very easy and less manual.When material is received and goods receipt posted in ERP, TPSynergy status is updated and supplier will be able to know that the material is received.

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) Collaboration works perfectly with TPSynergy managing the process.

TPSynergy provides global inventory visibility to manage inventory more efficiently.

Customer's ERP system generates pull requests that are integrated to TPSynergy. TPSynergy in turn forwards the pull requests to the 3PL or VMI warehouse in whatever the communication method needed. For example, it can be EDI, XML or even Email communication. The warehouse ships the material to customer directly.

Supplier consolidates the pull requests in TPSynergy platform and invoices the customer periodically for the actual consumption. Also TPSynergy informs the supplier whenever the inventory touches the re order level in the VMI Hub.

Supplier makes hub shipments to keep the inventory level in the VMI Hub. As both customer and supplier are able to see the current inventory level in the VMI Hub, there is no unplanned shortage scenario. Clear communication makes Kanban and VMI process a breeze with TPSynergy.

Paper Invoices are a thing of the past. Many European countries are making E-invoicing as mandatory. When shipments are created in TPSynergy platform, system can generate Invoices automatically or Suppliers can send in Invoices created in their Accounting Systems. These supplier invoices are sent to Customers ERP System electronically so that paper invoices and Keying in Invoices into their AP system is not needed. Invoices will be created in UnApproved status. Accounts payable will verify the invoice and approve it for payment. When payment is made, payment details are automatically updated in TPSynergy portal and supplier will be notified of the Invoice payment update. Also if the invoice is put on hold for any reason, the hold reason is updated in TPSynergy portal so that suppliers will know the reason why the invoices are not paid. This will avoid follow up calls by Suppliers to Buyers for payment follow up

TPSynergy comes with prebuilt integrations for many popular systems.
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • QuickBooks
  • Oracle Database
Integrations to other systems also possible with Microsoft Excel Upload and Download. TPSynergy also provides easy to use Web services for Integrations. Using the pre built integrations data can be sent back and forth from TPSynergy to On Premise ERP systems or Cloud based systems like QuickBooks , SAGE ERP. TPSynergy also has ready built connectors for EDI Integration. So if the customer or Suppliers are EDI ready, with very little effort, EDI messages can be sent to them. TPSynergy supports both X12 and EDIFACT standards for EDI Integration. Most of the supply chain related EDI messages like 850,855,810,820,856 are included in the pre-built integration.

Continuous evaluation of your supplier performance with metrics
Measure your supplier performance in terms of
  • On time Delivery :- This is also called Promise Vs Fulfilment.
  • Quality Delivery :- Rejects count compared to the shipment quantity count. Provides metrics on the quality of material supplied.
  • Cost reduction :- How the price is reducing or increasing over a period of time
  • Invoice Accuracy :- How many times the invoices goes on hold due to price variances
  • Response time :- Time taken by suppliers to respond to new or modified orders or other buyer queries
  • Average price indeed :- If the same item is procured from different suppliers how is the price compared
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