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Amazon VC
Connect to Amazon Vendor Central with EDI
Vendor Central
TPSynergy provides EDI compliance to Suppliers selling through Amazon Vendor Central. Orders are received from Amazon automatically from EDI and also Advance Shipment Notice and Invoices sent through EDI. This will reduce lot of manual work and data entry errors.

TPSynergy has ready built Integration for the below messages
  • EDI 850 - New Orders
  • EDI 855 - Order Acknowledgement
  • EDI 860 - Order Change Notice
  • EDI 865 - Order Change Acknowledgement
  • EDI 753 - Routing Request
  • EDI 754 - Routing Carrier Assignment from Amazon
  • EDI 856 - Advance Shipment Notification
  • EDI 810 - Invoices
  • EDI 852 - Product Sales Data
Amazon Market Place
Automated Product Listing, DropShip Inventory and Orders Management
Automated product listing, Inventory and Price Update
Orders in Amazon automatically imported and corresponding drop ship orders created.

Inventory Synchronized constantly from other sources to Amazon Market Place.

Price adjustments automatically updated.

Shopify DropShip
Automate Your DropShip Business in Shopify Platform
Shopify DropShip
Processing DropShip Orders from Shopify is automated. Customer Orders are sorted according to the DropShip suppliers and order sent to suppliers.

DropShip suppliers ship the items directly to end customers and update the shipment tracking number in the TPSynergy portal either in the App or by uploading a Excel file

Partial fulfilment will be updated as soon as any one suppliers update the tracking information

Automated catalogue feed from large suppliers like Honest Green helps to manage thousands of products in Shopify. TPSynergy also prints shipping labels from Fedex,UPS and USPS
Connected to Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.
QuickBooks Integration
Orders and Invoices are integrated to QuickBooks system. Customer orders are automatically received and posted into QuickBooks as Sales orders. Similarly Invoices are posted to QuickBooks when shipment is completed. No need to key in data into QuickBooks

TPSynergy is a certified app for Intuit QuickBooks
EDI For Music Industry
TPSynergy is ready built for Music Industry with NAMM standards
if you are a Manufacturer , Retailer or Reseller of musical instruments , TPSynergy can help to automate your orders processing
Orders, Shipments, Invoicing all automated
  • Receive orders from Customers Electronically
  • Send order Acknowledgement
  • Send Advance Shipment Notice
  • Send Invoices
  • Product Catalogue Updates
Guitar Centre, Musician's Friend are some of the Customers we are already connected to Electronically.
3PL Suppliers Inventory and Shipments
Manage Inventory and Shipments by 3PL providers
  • TPSynergy works with 3PL warehouses who might be managing your inventory and shipments
  • 3PL managers can login to your account and process the orders. You need not email them the orders
  • EDI Integration for large 3PL like Performance Team included
  • 3PL can upload daily/weekly inventory updates to the portal so that you can view the current inventory at their location
Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN) from suppliers.
Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN) from suppliers.
  • Suppliers will be able to create Ship Notifications in the portal and that will create expected shipments in your ERP.
  • Planners and Warehouse managers will know exactly when material is expected and storage requirement s like size and volume.
  • Suppliers can provide tracking numbers and system will monitor the progress of the shipment and if there are any delays, all concerned parties will be notified.
  • The system is integrated to UPS,Fedex and DHL for tracking updates.
E-invoices and E-payments.
E-invoices and E-payments
  • Avoid using paper invoices and email status updates. Suppliers will create E-invoices on the portal and that can created unapproved invoices in your ERP system.
  • Accounts payable need to just verify the invoices and need not key in the invoice again into the system. This will avoid lot of manual work and human errors..
  • When invoices are paid , suppliers will be electronically notified of the payment details
  • And also if the invoice is put into hold for some reasons, suppliers will be able to see that the invoice has gone into hold and can take necessary actions for any error rectification.
ERP Ready is fully integrated with all popular ERP systems like SAP , Oracle, QuicBooks.    read more
ERP Ready
  • Use our client program to connect to your on Premise ERP systems like SAP and Oracle.. if you are using Cloud based ERP systems like QuickBooks also, we can connect to the ERP and get the information needed.
  • This will avoid any IT work on your company in building integration, testing it etc. Our industry standard integration architecture ensures data is synchronized between TpSynergy portal and your ERP seamlessly.
  • When Orders are created in your ERP, it will flow over to the portal and vice versa for all the business transactions like Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Inventory
EDI Ready
Pre built EDI Integration.
Pre built EDI Integration.
All Supply chain standard X12 EDI integration is built into the platform.
X12-850 - New Orders
X12-855 - Order Acknowledgement
X12-860 - Order Amendment
X12-865 - Order Acknowledgement
X12-856 - Shipment Notification
X12-810 - Invoices
X12-820 - Remittance Advices
For SAP customers we have ready build IDOC Interfaces to cover ORDERS,INVOIC and DESADV
Mobile Apps
The platform comes with Free Mobile apps on Smart Phone and Tablets.
Mobile Apps
  • The Mobile apps are available for Android Phones, Android Tablets, Iphone and Ipad
  • Using the Mobile apps, - suppliers can view the new orders and respond to them from the mobile app. They can accept or suggest changes to orders.
  • Inventory levels across multiple location can be viewed. You can search for an inventory item or by location. Also the mobile apps will have alerts and push notification when the inventory level goes below minimum quantity.
  • Summary of Invoices and Shipments can be seen in the mobile apps
  • Executive Dash Board is available in Mobile apps also
Integrated to these Companies or Systems
TPSynegy is fully Integrated to
  • Shipping Companies - FedEx,UPS and USPS
  • E commerce Sites - Shopify , Amazon
  • ERP - Oracle ,SAP and QuickBooks
  • Drop Shippers - Honest Green,Green Supply
  • Other Companies - Fry's Electronics, Cardinal Health, Mimeo, Performance Team, Ariba
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Our Customer Says
We searched for EDI solutions, but many were custom built from scratch and would've cost us tens of thousands. We found TPSynergy and went through their intro demo. It almost seemed too good to be true. We would highly recommend this for anyone looking for an EDI solution. - Sean Bush -Founder-
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