EDI Transaction Sets

An EDI transaction set is a standardized document that business use to communicate. Any EDI set needs to adhere to a set of rules, put in place by the ANSI X12. For example, EDI 810 is a set that covers invoices being sent and received.

Using a Transaction Set

To fully utilize an EDI transaction set, it has to be translated from computer code into human readable information. From here, the report is either sent to the company’s ERP system for processing, or printed onto a paper report or for


EDI Transaction Sets & Trading Partners

While all EDI transactions sets need to comply with the rules of the standard, individual trading partners have some degree of flexibility as to how the standard is used. Different elements of each transaction set can be used for whatever purpose is necessary, depending on the company. For each company, the specific elements needed are contained in an implementation guide. Having to comply with these guides can be difficult, especially when working with multiple trading partners. That’s why working with an EDI Integration company like TPSynergy can allow you to better streamline your