TPSynergy can list all your products automatically into online stores and Shopify. Products are listed in the correct category and images uploaded. Prices updated automatically when prices are changed

Listing of products in Amazon is very challenging. It may not be possible to manually list thousands of products and maintain the prices. Even though Amazon provides excel upload options, it needs different templates for different product category.

TPSynergy has developed integrations to automate the process of listing the products in Amazon. Either you can manually create the items in TPSynergy or upload in Excel format. TPSynergy will push the products into Amazon and Shopify

Many a times E commerce sellers do not have the products they sell in their inventory. It is fulfilled by another vendor. It is necessary to route the order to the correct vendor based on the product. One customer order may be fulfilled by multiple vendors. It becomes a time consuming manual process to sort the orders and send it to vendors manually. It is also a pain to update the shipping and tracking information when the products are fulfilled by the vendors.
TPSynergy removes makes it easy by automatically sorting out the orders from Amazon or Shopify. Each product can have multiple vendors and TPSynergy will send the order to the correct vendor. Vendors can upload the shipment confirmation by excel file upload and the tracking numbers are updated automatically in the online stores.
Many large drop ship vendors expect the orders to be sent to them by EDI or FTP file transfers. TPSyenrgy supports both EDI and FTP process. Visit our EDI section for more details.

Shipping in time is a critical success factor for E commerce Business. With high volume low value orders, E retailers will need a faster way of shipping items.

Logging into individual carrier sites like Fedex, UPS , USPS and checking for rates, keying in shipping address, weight of the packages could consume hours.

Most of the shipping apps out there just do shipping but not do other functions like purchase orders and inventory management. TPSynergy completes the full process by connecting to Carriers and print the labels.

TPSynergy manages Inventory automatically.

When customer orders are shipped, inventory is reduced and updates the online stores so that current inventory is visible in the stores.

Also when purchase orders are received, inventory is increased automatically. Also you can set Minimum quantity level for each product for each warehouse. When the inventory goes down and touches the minimum level, Email alerts are generated automatically and reminders are sent. Also Purchase orders can be created automatically when the inventory goes down.
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