Dropshipping with Large Suppliers


Many dropshippers now rely on an outdated network of emails and phone calls to manage their system and coordinate the delivery between suppliers and customers. While this system may work for the time being, there are a variety of benefits associated with switching to an electronic (EDI) system. In addition, in order to do businesses with many large suppliers, businesses need to be fully EDI complaint along a variety of formats.

Dropshipping with large suppiers

Large Suppliers

Many large suppliers like Royal Canin, Grainger and MSC Industrial Supplies require their orders to be EDI compliant in formats such as X12, EDI, and XMI. They require this not only to coordinate data transmission between all parties, but also to drastically improve efficiency within all aspects of their business and reduce errors to streamline their system.


Improved Efficiency

For many of the same reasons it is required by larger suppliers, switching to an electronic system can greatly improve the speed of efficiency of any business. For example, an order that might be sent by a batch of emails would now be replaced by a single electronic order. Multiplying this by every single order within a company saves a great deal of time.


Error Reduction

Along with improving the speed of transactions and orders, a fully electronic system can drastically reduce the chance of typos and other clerical errors. Along with removing the eventual headache of resolving issues and saving valuable employee time, reducing errors via an electronic system allows you to monitor and fix problems before they occur.


Implementing a custom, built from scratch, electronic drop shipping system can cost an exorbitant amount of money and is prone to errors itself. TPSynergy, on the other hand, offers a cloud-based full service EDI solution that adapts itself to your business, depending on your specific needs. TPSYnergy’s solution also comes at a cost that fits your business, no matter its scale.


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