Doing EDI For Amazon Direct Fulfillment


With Direct Fulfillment, Amazon pays the shipping charge and sends the order directly to suppliers. Although lucrative, it can be potentially very time consuming and error prone as small orders are sent throughout the day.

However, using EDI, this process can be automated, making it faster and more efficient. TPSynergy provides a tailor made solution for Amazon vendors, containing all the tools and features needed for fully automating the order management process to save time and money. These tools include: bulk order processing, back order shipping, label printing, automatic invoicing, and integration to quickbooks or other external systems.

In addition to these features, end to end order processing is also included in the TPSynergy system. This includes order confirmation and rejection, back ordering, routing requests and confirmations, Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) creation and invoice submission.

TPSynergy provides a simple monthly pricing model for unlimited order volume. In other EDI suppliers that charge per information sent, charges can rack up, especially with a large order volume.