Control Towers in a Supply Chain

In any supply chain, there are many moving parts that all need constant and rapid communication to ensure that the system is running smoothly. Warehouses, customers, transportation, and suppliers all need constant updates to factor for unexpected changes, and all information needs to be synced with the company’s ERP system.

Problems Within the Supply Chain


In a supply chain without a proper control tower, many problems can arise, including:

  • Suppliers not receiving purchase orders
  • Suppliers not receiving changes to order size and delivery
  • Excess inventory at certain locations
  • Long receiving time caused by in efficient receiving process
  • Uneven inventory stock across locations

While one of these issues might be manageable using manual methods, any combination of these factors is enough to slow down your entire supply chain, potentially causing delays in deliveries.


How the Control Tower Works


TPSynergy’s control tower works by sending data between systems seamlessly and without manual intervention. For example, purchase orders from the ERP system are sent to suppliers, who in turn send delivery information back. This information is then used to get a delivery time which is sent to all involved parties. However, where TPSynergy stands out is when changes need to be made. Instead of having to manually alter the information at every stage, the control tower manages it.


Implementing a custom, built from scratch, system can cost an exorbitant amount of money and is prone to errors itself. TPSynergy, on the other hand, offers a control tower system that adapts itself to your business, depending on your specific needs. TPSYnergy’s solution also comes at a cost that fits your business, no matter its scale.


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